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Say hello to the Montgomery Collection and the Farmhouse Cake Stand

This past December, as we prepared to move our family and start-up Primrose USA, we knew that we needed to make some tough decisions about how to streamline our product line in Canada. It was important that we looked at how to keep things flowing well in our absence,  and how to make sure our amazing team was set up for success. We spent some time thinking about what we wanted to focus on and came to the conclusion it was our dining tables, coffee tables and consoles. This meant we had to say goodbye to some of my favourite smaller pieces. My consolation was knowing these hard choices were making room for us to get busy dreaming up a new furniture line to share with you! 
Each month we will be introducing a new collection that will include a dining table, bench, console, and coffee table. We will also be introducing a new smaller lifestyle piece to our North American collection as well as bringing back one of our retired pieces for a limited re-release. If you are missing a specific piece we archived, leave it in the comments section for us and you never know, it might make a comeback! 
Creating a whole new line each month is ambitious, but we've never shied away from a challenge! After seeing our first month’s designs come together I think we are off to a great start! I am very excited to be introducing the Montgomery collection.
The pieces originally started as a conversation about how popular our Audrey dining table has been. We really liked the idea of introducing another dining table with all of the legs set to the outside corners with a chunky tabletop. Having a table set up this way means there are no bad seats! No one is left straddling a pedestal and no risk of stubbing your toe on a beam. While the Audrey has a beautiful curvy French Country feel, we wanted the Montgomery dining table to be a little edgier and more transitional, making it a great option for those with a more contemporary space. I was very inspired by the new balusters Chris Loves Julia's posted about in their new entryway. If you haven't seen it you can check it out here.
The matching Montgomery bench (both table and bench shown in Aged Bronze on maple)  is a perfect pairing with the dining table. I love having the option of a bench at the dining table because you can squeeze a couple of extra bodies around the table. It also helps to eliminate a lot of the visual clutter that a whole table of chairs can bring.
The Montgomery coffee table (shown in London Fog on maple) sits lower than many of our other coffee tables. At only 16" H it gives the traditional lines of the turned legs a more casual relaxed feel. I am always happy to have a drawer in my coffee table, as it’s the perfect place to tuck away remotes or other clutter. I love how it looks at home paired with both the luxuriously cushioned bench but also with the more laid-back woven poufs.
While I am in love with each piece for different reasons, I think the console steals the show! The Montgomery console (shown in ebony on maple) is a statement piece while also being very versatile. We styled it as both a console and a desk and I honestly can't tell you which I prefer. It is truly beautiful from every angle, once again the addition of a drawer makes it even more practical.  I can also imagine it floating in a room, or walking into my entryway with this on display. I am a strong believer in the Samsung Frame TV  and hung above this piece no one would ever believe it wasn't art! The options for how and where to use this console are endless. 
Another new direction for us is that we are going all-in on styling the new collections so that you can get a better idea of how the pieces work together. We want you to feel inspired as you contemplate how they might look styled in your own space! It was hard not to be there for shoot day but I am so appreciative of my team back home who knocked it out of the park. The incredibly talented Amy Kohen, of Kohen Design, came in for the day to help style and stage the pieces. Many of the pieces you see in these images can be found in her shop. Her pieces took everything to the next level, you should definitely follow her on Instagram   Kristy-Anne captured all the photos, she’s been doing my photos for quite some time now and I always know I can trust her to capture my vision. I am really proud of what we've accomplished as a team, we learned a lot doing things this way for the first time and we are excited to take that into each new line going forward.  
A question we get often is "what if the stain colours don't match what I already have?". We really wanted to showcase in these images how you can have multiple wood tones happening in a room and they can all work together beautifully. We picked a different stain colour for each of the pieces in this collection. I think it's a great way to create harmony, using all the same pieces from the collection together, but not having it be too matchy. We are always available to help make suggestions on stain pairings, so please don't hesitate to reach out. My preference is to mix darker, mid-tone and light wood colours throughout my home.   
The newest lifestyle piece we are introducing to our line is the Farmhouse cake stand. I've been wanting to bring to life a cake stand with simpler lines for a while now. The Farmhouse cake stand is our first cake stand without a turned base and I love the simplicity. We have used the raw elegance finish on this pine stand. It adds so much dimension and texture to the piece. It's charming and rustic, and I can't wait to see pictures with this cake stand on display at your special celebrations. 
We are already hard at work on the March collection but until then we are offering an introductory price of 10% off the Montgomery collection for the rest of February.
We'll be back with more updates soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and kind messages we've received as we settle into this next stage of life, it means so much!