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Woods & Stains

At Primrose, we use high quality, solid, natural wood products for all of our handcrafted pieces.  
We standardly use kiln-dried pine, unless otherwise noted, as we feel it adds to the farmhouse charm that we love!
We also offer maple or ash as an upgrade on larger furniture pieces, such as: dining tables, coffee tables, consoles and bed frames.  As maple and ash are not available for each product, you are welcome to email us for a quote in either of these woods if you do not see it on the product page.

As stain reacts to all wood differently, even the same piece of wood can take on different hues and tints, depending on the cut and grain of the individual piece.  As such, variations in stain color are completely normal, especially on rip-cut or cross-cut sections of a product. 

View All Pine Stains
View All Pine Stains


Ash is a very durable wood, similar in appearance to Oak with very prominent grain patterns.


Maple is a very durable and hard wood. Maple has whiter undertones, and very subtle grains. When stained, the colour does not absorb as much as Pine, so the colour ends up a bit more muted in tone.


White oak is a classic hard wood known for its durability.  It showcases beautiful natural grains and warm beige tones

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