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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping refers to smaller items that can be shipped through a postal carrier.  Our shipping rate is flat rate for all items eligible for shipping based on cart totals.  

Only items within our North American Collection and Gathered Collection are eligible for shipping throughout Canada and the United States.  Look for our NAC seal for products available for shipping and simply select PARCEL Shipping at checkout.

As soon as your order ships out, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information.

All other items are by delivery only, to select locations in Canada and the USA.  See further information on delivery in the Shipping/Returns FAQ above.

Delivery refers to larger items and all furniture that are only eligible for curbside delivery to certain locations across CANADA and the USA.  As our delivery rates are flat rate per order, you are welcome to add on smaller items to the same order.  

For Canada:We now offer delivery to all provinces! At checkout, please select appropriate FURNITURE delivery rate.

For USA:We deliver throughout all 48 contiguous states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.  At checkout, please select appropriate FURNITURE deliveryrate. 

See further information on how delivery takes place in the next FAQ.

Primrose is happy to offer curbside home delivery! Our team hand delivers your Primrose pieces right to you.

Canada and USA Deliveries:You will be notified by our team as soon as your furniture leaves our shop, if not sooner. Furniture is typically in transit for 1 to 7 business days depending on destination.

On the date of delivery, you will also be given an approx timeframe for your delivery. Please note that sometimes these delivery time windows can span over several hours, so please be prepared to accept your shipment at any point in the time window given.

Delivery Policy: To save you money on delivery, our driver(s) will deliver your Primrose piece(s) curbside.  This means you will need to bring the furniture inside your home. Please keep in mind that our solid hardwood furniture is often quite heavy and you will likely need help to bring your handcrafted furniture inside from the curb and depending on the size of your piece, may also require additional support when lifting from our delivery vehicle.  If possible, we truly appreciate having extra hands to assist with this heavy lifting! Should you require our drivers to assist bringing pieces into your home, they would be happy to! Please note that in doing so, care will be taken, however Primrose and our drivers cannot be held responsible for any potential damage incurred in the home.

Upon receiving your pieces at delivery, personally or otherwise, you are fully accepting the piece(s) are as ordered and and that you are satisfied that there are no visible defects. It is your responsibility to inspect your new furniture thoroughly and completely upon receipt. Primrose can assume no responsibility for damage found after delivery, so fully inspecting your furniture upon delivery is extremely important.

In the unlikely event that your furniture is damaged in transit, Primrose is happy to make it right by bringing the piece back to the shop, but we can only do that if noted damage is given to our delivery team at the time of delivery.

What if the delivery time doesn't work for me? We understand that things happen, and you may not be available for your scheduled delivery.  As we have multiple deliveries set within our delivery schedule, we are not able to adjust the delivery date provided to you.  However, should the need arise, we are happy to place your item(s) in your garage for you or with a neighbour, however you are waiving all rights to inspect the piece(s) at delivery.  Alternatively, we can postpone your delivery to the next available delivery to your location.  Please contact us immediately upon receiving your delivery notification should you need to make alternative delivery arrangements.

Please Note: Furniture cannot be refused upon delivery for buyers remorse (for example, if it is not as expected or if it does not fit the space or through an entryway). It is your responsibility to ensure the furniture you order will fit your space. However, we want you to love your Primrose piece(s) and are happy to make an exchange! Refer to the next next FAQs to see how.

Local pickup is only for pickup at Primrose location near High River, Alberta, Canada.

You will receive a notification via email when your order is ready!

Changes, Exchanges & Returns

We do our best to accommodate, but pieces already in production may not be able to be modified.  As each situation is different, please email info@primroselifestyle.com to see if modifications are possible.

We want you to love your Primrose pieces, but understand things happen.  As each Primrose piece is handcrafted to order, we are only able to offer full returns on items before production has begun.  

Should you wish to exchangeyour Primrose piece for another item after receiving it or after it has already started production, the returned item(s) will be subject to a 20% restocking fee on the full retail price and you as the purchaser will be responsible for return shipping costs along with additional shipping costs for any new pieces being sent in exchange. The exchange costs must be paid prior to any exchange taking place.

Should you wish to returnyour Primrose piece after receiving it or after a handcrafted piece has already started production, the piece(s) being returned will be subject to a 50% restocking fee on the full retail price and the purchaser will be responsible for return shipping costs.

All items being exchanged or returned must be in new condition and are only eligible within 30 days of receipt of the order.

Shipping and delivery costs are non-refundable if item(s) has already been shipped/delivered.

Custom designed or custom sized pieces are not eligible for exchange or return.

Please email info@primroselifestyle.com to initiate an exchange or return.

Order Processing Times

Each Primrose piece is handcrafted to order with special care. Depending on order volume, our production time can vary between 4-8 weeks for shippable items and 6-12 weeks for furniture, from purchase date. Please understand that further delays are possible, depending on factors out of our control.

If deliveryis required, these times will vary based on the next delivery date available for your location and may be exceeded for more remote locations.

Each Primrose piece is handcrafted to order with special care. Depending on order volume, our production time can vary between 4-6 weeks for shippable pieces and 6-12 weeks for furniture, from purchase date. Please understand that further delays are possible, depending on factors out of our control.

If delivery is required, these times will vary based on the next delivery date available for your location.

Product Design & Care

At Primrose, we take great pride in the craftsmanship of each piece of solid wood furniture that we sell. We source all of our materials locally and responsibly. Each wooden piece is handcrafted and finished by our team at each of our Canada and USA locations.

We use only solid, real wood for our furniture, no veneers. As such, real wood will have natural and real characteristics. Given the handmade and hand finished nature of the solid wood products we craft, variations and imperfections in the wood should be expected and celebrated! Just as every tree is unique, every piece of furniture that is handcrafted and hand finished from this wood will be as well. No two pieces will be the same and will genuinely be built uniquely just for you! Each piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern of the wood used. 

Other characteristics of handcrafted, solid wood furniture include open knots, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, natural discolorations and other imperfections found in natural wood, which may also include visible brush strokes, micro-imperfections and textural variations in the durable, hand finishes. Solid wood may also expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This means that the gaps between the boards of a piece may get wider over time and then contract again with seasonal wood movement. This natural movement enhances the one of a kind beauty of solid wood, handcrafted furniture. It does not affect structural integrity and is not considered defective.

Depending on the hardness of the wood selected for your piece, solid wood may also naturally distress over time, which adds to the farmhouse charm that we love at Primrose! Understanding that this may not be desireable to some, one other amazing thing is that solid wood furniture can be sanded and refinished. This can also be done if you simply want to change the look of a piece and update the stain color.

You are welcome to view all of the solid wood materials and stains we offer on our Stains & Materials page.

With the custom handcrafted nature of each piece, there may also be up to approx. 1" of variation across all measurements.

Natural wood furniture is distinctively beautiful and should be embraced! Understanding the uniqueness of solid wood furniture is not for everyone. Those that don't appreciate these variations may not want to purchase handcrafted furniture. 

Should you wish to customize the size of a Primrose piece, please select the size UP and simply add a comment in the NOTES section of your order with your specifications.  If you do not see a size up from the size needed, please contact us to inquire.

We offer pine, maple, ash and white oak woods. Not all types of woods are available for each product and are standardly handcrafted in pine if not noted. Please check the product page for available options. If you don't see the option available for the piece you are interested, we are happy to customize a piece for you! Please contact us to see if it is possible.

See our Stains & Materials page for more information. As the characteristicss of wood differ from one type another, we also recommend doing some research to see which of these natural materials are best for your home, intended usage and lifestyle.

You can see all of our current stains on our Stains and Materials page. You can also order real wood Stain Samplesso that you can see them in your home!

TIP: to get a better feel for a stain color, simply search for the stain color name on our website and the top products returned in the search should have a product shown in that stain. It is a great way to see our stain colors on a larger piece! The stain and material show in the product photo should be listed under the product specifications.

Caring for Solid Wood:

Furniture pieces can be cleaned with a simple wipe with a soft, damp cloth, using mild dish detergent if necessary.  We do not recommend abrasive cleaner or cleaning pads of any kind.

Décor pieces can be dusted/wiped with a clean, lightly damp cloth

Protecting Your Wood Furniture:

Furniture made of solid wood has many esthetic and performance related benefits, which need to be maintained with proper care.  Solid wood furniture is an investment, we understand that and want to help you protect it.  We recommend you:

Keep your Primrose piece(s) in a temperature-controlled environment, with the relative humidity at 35 percent to 45 percent. 

We recommend the use of air conditioning as well as investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier to help manage the humidity in your region. 

Do not place solid wood furniture directly in front of windows or in sunlight, heat or air conditioning vents, radiators or fireplaces.

Do not expose solid wood furniture to continuous direct sunlight.

Solid wood furniture does require some special care, but with it can come many years of enjoyment and use.

Do you ever notice a door sticks just a bit more at certain times of the year than others? This is an example of classic seasonal wood movement at work and solid wood furniture can do the same. Solid wood may expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. When humidity is high, wood absorbs moisture and swells. When humidity drops, wood shrinks. This “movement” is gradual, so you probably won’t notice weekly changes, however the gaps and joints between the boards of a traditional table top may get wider over time. This natural movement enhances the one of a kind beauty of solid wood, handcrafted furniture. It does not affect structural integrity and is not considered defective. It is also quite likely that with the next shift in seasonal temperatures that the wood will return to it's original state. To lessen the effects of wood movement, please follow the wood care in our FAQ "How do I care for solid wood items?".

We love being able to provide options for our customers and we know that every home is different, every room is different, and every family is different. Our goal is to help you choose the right size dining table for your space and setting. We think that there are a few important factors that need consideration when making your selection. Here are our tips.

Seating capacity:

We generally recommend the following seating capacity for comfortable seating at our tables.

Rectangular or Oval Tables

~ A 6 foot long table can seat up to 6 people (possibly 8 for a more tight fit)

~ A 7 foot long table can seat up to 8 people

~ An 8 foot long table can seat up to 8 people(possibly 10 for a more tight fit)

~ A 9 foot long table can seat up to 10 people

Round Tables

~ A 4 foot diameter table can seat up to 5 people

~ A 5 foot diameter table can seat up to 6 people

~ A 6 foot diameter table can seat up to 8 people

Measuring your space:

When it comes to fitting in the right size dining table for the space, here are some things to keep in mind.

~ try to leave 36" from the edge of your table to the nearest wall or piece of furniture

~ ensure your guests have ample room to sit down and rise from the table with ease, leaving 24" space for each chair in family dining settings and up to 30" space for formal dining (TIP: take into account the width of the chair you will be using and add two inches in between each seat for comfortable spacing)

~ measuring out the space and chair placement with some painters' tape on the floor may also help to get a feel for the space and flow

Please note, this is only a guide as many other things can be a factor to ensure comfortable seating, such as the style of table leg, size of people, chair type, etc.

Sales, Promotions & Offers

As we try to offer fair pricing for solid wood furniture up front, we do not have sales that often. However, we do offer exclusive sales a few times throughout the year. To be notified of sales and specials, be sure to followup us on Social Media and sign up as an Insider on the bottom of our website.

Be sure to also check our In Stock page for significant sales on certain pieces that we currently have in stock and ready to go!

*please note: price adjustments, discounts and promo codes are only valid for regular merchandise purchases through our websiteat the time of purchase and cannot be applied after an order has been placed, applied to previous purchases, custom orders or sale pricing.

Yes, we do! We are happy to offer ShopPay, a secure online payment service that allows our customers to check out faster and also pay in installments over time. Simply select "ShopPay" at checkout to view monthly payment plans through ShopPay Financing. You control how you pay, in 4 interest-free payments or monthly installments up to 12 months, depending on cart totals.


Primrose is extremely proud of the workmanship of our solid wood products. We realize that purchasing our furniture is an investment in quality and we want it to last for generations to come. We also know that buying furniture online can seem daunting. That’s why we are please to offer our Primrose Promise and Warranty.

We promise that:

~ If your furniture isn’t built the color, size, or style that you ordered, we’ll fix! (see additional info on Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture throughout our FAQ)

~ If your furniture arrives damaged, we’ll make it right! (see additional info on Delivery throughout our FAQ)

Our Primrose limited warranty also covers a period of thirty days that begins at the time of receipt of the furniture being delivered or picked up. If a manufacturing defect is discovered during this time, it is important you promptly notify Primrose immediately. Primrose will then at their sole discretion, repair or replace, any piece or part found by our production team to be defective in material or workmanship.

This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and does not include damages to property or person caused by the misuse, improper installation, or lack of care of the item.

Any modifications done by the consumer or other parties will void this warranty. This warranty applies only when the furniture purchased is for normal indoor household use.  Primrose furniture is not intended for outdoor use. In addition, damage from misuse, neglect, incorrect maintenance, or abuse is not covered under the warranty. It also does not apply to commercial use which includes rental, business or institutional. Primrose will not be responsible for shipping costs to or from the Primrose location for work completed under this warranty, unless it is convenient for us to do so in coordination with our existing deliveries.

Not maintaining a consistent humidity and temperature can cause excessive shrinking or swelling of natural wood and can affect the look of the wood or possibly cause cracks or splitting. Solid wood furniture naturally has characteristics and variations in wood grain and/or colour (including knots, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, heart wood, sap, natural discolorations and other naturally occurring characteristics as also discussed in our FAQ). Expansion and contraction can occur as the humidity level changes, even with slight percentage change, and the colour can shift over time with further discoloration in some areas such as around naturally occuring knots. These are normal characteristics of solid wood furniture and are not considered defects. While we would love to offer further warranty of our products, we are not able to due to the variances in individual homes that can affect natural wood pieces. It is also important that you follow our Care guide to avoid damage and potentially void this warranty period.

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