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About Primrose

Primrose began with a humble dream. It started as a little boutique where Karina created, sourced and sold local items.  It wasn’t long before Primrose moved to custom-made wood products; designed by Karina, and built by Jamie. At first, the pieces were smaller and more decor-focused but quickly the pieces grew in size and complexity. Now their focus is on heirloom pieces, dining tables, consoles and coffee tables.

Primrose began in Alberta, Canada, but has now expanded to the USA. Karina & Jamie, along with their 5 kids moved to Oklahoma to set up a facility to bring Primrose products across North America. There remains a solid team in Alberta, continuing to build and deliver within Canada.

Primrose furniture is crafted with precision, handmade of solid wood, and is beautifully timeless. We offer a wide range of furniture lines to compliment a variety of styles. We offer a selection of wood types, stains and dimensions. When you invest in a Primrose piece, we want it to feel like something special, a statement piece you will treasure for years to come.

The Founders

Karina and Jamie are partners in life, and partners in this crazy little dream called Primrose. Primrose began as a little step of faith and has now turned into a well-loved brand that has grown way beyond what they could have initially imagined.

Karina and Jamie are visionaries so they continue to dream big knowing that this is just the beginning for Primrose. Karina and Jamie aren’t just dreamers though, they are doers! They are incredibly driven, and work tirelessly to make things happen!

Karina is an artist to the core and she brings endless creativity to Primrose. She is the talent behind the furniture designs and she is passionate about someday opening Primrose grounds.

Jamie doesn’t sleep, or at least it seems that way. He is never short on ideas, and those who know him joke that he moves at a way faster pace than ordinary humans. He is not afraid to try new things, and his dreams cannot be contained.

Karina and Jamie share a strong faith, and that will always be something that is at the core of their marriage and business. Their faith inspires them to live and work from a place of love and integrity.  They truly believe Primrose is bigger than just them, and they pray it will be a blessing to many.

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