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How to Style A Rectangle Coffee Table

Create Your Anchor

When decorating a rectangular table, it is helpful to visually divide the table into thirds. You could start with a larger tray here that would overlap two-thirds which would provide structure and an anchor for the tabletop items. Adding a favourite vase or vessel to the tray and filling it with stems is a great starting point.

Next, consider layering items with the vase, maybe a candle for ambiance and links or beads to add character and colour to your décor. The other one-third of the table can simply be filled with a few stacked books for added dimension and an object on top for added visual interest.

Starting From The Center

A second option is layering one vase with another in the center of the table with your stems of choice and then adding a large bowl with filler to one side or leaving it bare to make a statement of its own. The other side of the table could again be some stacked books with maybe a small box or candle on top or perhaps a book display stand with your favourite coffee table book opened to an inspiring page.

Alternatively, you could use a smaller tray here to corral items like beautiful candle holders with tapers and a sculptural piece. There are so many options.

Tying It All Together

Overall, displaying items that share a similar colour story and mixing textures will keep things interesting. If you frequently entertain around the table consider a lower vase and stems to not produce any visual obstacles to conversation. Don't be afraid to have items that "crossover" from one third to another, this can tie them together and create visual interest. Varying the height of objects and using different levels helps your eye to keep moving around the table.

Remember to have fun, play with different ideas and use items that you love. If you have a lower shelf on your table, one large round basket or several baskets are wonderful for tucking away toys, extra blankets and games and help you utilize that space. Check out our Blog, Basics for Coffee Table Styling, for more ideas and our favourite items to use.

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