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How to Style A Square Coffee Table

Working With Quadrants

The square coffee table is similar to the rectangular table, but you’ll be working in quadrants this time. Begin by adding some life and height to the table with an arrangement of flowers or stems in your vase of choice. Always keep in mind the function of the room and make sure to keep your arrangement at a height that works for the space. For example, if this is your TV-watching room or a room you often entertain in you’ll want to choose a lower arrangement.  Adding a small box if you have remotes to hide them away when needed generates more function.

Working over to the next quadrant choose an item or items that are a different height than your first, maybe a book display stand and book opened to a beautiful page. From there you’ll keep working around the table filling in your quadrants and working within your chosen colour story.  Remember to vary the height and texture of your chosen items.  A beautiful bowl with interesting texture or other features like scalloping is always lovely whether it’s left on its own like art or filled with seasonal items like moss, pinecones, shells, seed pods or wooden orbs. Please refer to our Blog, Basics for Coffee Table Styling for more ideas.

Adding Texture & Warmth

We love adding our Willow tray which has a ton of gorgeous texture and stacking a few books on there or maybe a large candle with accessories such as a wick trimmer, matches and snuffer. 

Speaking of candles, we love the warmth they add and often use candlesticks to balance the height of our flowers or other arrangements. If you enjoy games adding a marble Tic Tac Toe set is always popular.  It adds texture, dimension and something a little different to your coffee table that kids always love.

That’s it!  We hope that you’ve found this series full of tips, tricks and favourite items helpful and that you’ll be on your way to styling your coffee table with confidence. Also, follow us on Instagram as we are endlessly styling all of our beautiful tables there, as well as our website for more ideas.

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