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How to Style A Rectangle Coffee Table

Getting Started

If you have a round table, it is helpful to work with a triangular shape with styling. Start with a ceramic vase for texture, height and interest. Next, we love to add some stems for warmth and height. Remember, how you use the room and add appropriate height for the space. No one wants to have to move the stems every time they watch TV or to have to peek around them when you are entertaining and having a conversation. Adding other vases of varying heights adds dimension and interest. Add your books, two or three are best and top them off with an object of interest. These items should create a triangular shape, the largest in the back with a layered item in front on either side or “point” of the triangle.

Add A Tray

Depending on the size of your table you could add a tray and if it’s an ottoman it makes it much more functional. Really any shape will do. If it’s a large tray you can just place all your items on that and apply the triangle rule. You could also use a smaller tray to corral items in one of the three “corners”.  A circular tray, bowl or stack of books on a bottom shelf, if you have one, looks beautiful too. 

Tying It All Together

Let’s start styling! To begin it is helpful to clear off your table and bring all the items you think you may want to use into that room. A favourite new vase, book or perhaps fresh flowers you have. From here it is helpful to decide on a colour scheme. You’ll want to repeat each colour at least two or three times to have a cohesive feel. Maybe your new vase has a textured, rustic look with shades of taupe and brown. From there you can select books and decorative items that share those same tones and overall mood. Maybe display one book open to a page that shares the same colours. 

You can look at our Blog, Basics for Coffee Table Styling if you need more ideas. If you have one of our beautiful oval tables like the Remington or the Nora, you can apply the same principles here but choose larger items to fill the area more.

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