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How to Style A Coffee Table

Our Passion

Here at Primrose, we desire to not only provide you with beautiful, handcrafted wood furniture but also have a heart for helping you cultivate your house into a home. We strive to provide you with helpful tips and tricks to create a warm, welcoming and beautiful home.  Please let us know below what other topics you’d like us to cover next!  One frequently requested topic is coffee table styling. 

How to Style a Coffee Table  - The Basics

When decorating a coffee table, we like to start with design basics. These are some of our favourite items that we feel, depending on the size and shape of your table, will set you up for success.  

It’s nice to pull aside all décor items you think you’d like to use and narrow it down by creating a bit of a colour story.  Pulling colours from the room, the time of year or an art piece is helpful or perhaps you have a new décor piece you’d like to display. All are great options to get going.

1. Coffee Table Books

You can’t have a coffee table without coffee table books in our opinion.  Books are wonderful to stack on your coffee table. They add height, bring in layers, and are an excellent way to show some personality. 

Displaying books about places, things or hobbies you’re interested in helps to tell your story and creates a cozy environment. Get creative with how you display them. Having one opened to a favourite page and displayed on a book display stand, like our 3-1 book display, adds height and interest and is a conversation starter.   

Of course, you could also have several stacks of books and put beautiful décor objects atop.

2. Decorative Objects

Decorative objects add further dimension and layers to your display.  Choosing objects of varying height, material and texture create depth and interest.

Candles are a favourite to create that warm glow and displayed with a wick trimmer and matches is simple and beautiful. Others are a smaller picture frame, beads, links, knots, sculptural items or maybe something interesting you brought home from your travels that evoke a special memory for you.  

Small décor boxes work double duty to house your remotes or other items that are needed but don’t want on display. There are so many ways to bring your own personality in.

3. Add Some Greenery

We love adding greenery whether realistic or faux, to vases and vessels. This brings life and warmth into your space, acting as a focal point. Nothing creates a welcoming and inviting feel in a space quite like greenery. Depending on the time of year this can be anything from garden blooms, branches or stems that have been trimmed during yard work, or grocery store finds. If you plan on using faux, be sure to get as realistic as possible stems because they can take away from the look you’re trying to create. Whether you like florals, olive stems, dried flowers, branches or plants, bringing nature in is always a nice layer that can finish your space off.  

4. Decorative Trays

Adding a tray can help anchor your table and corral your items.  Adding a tray on an ottoman for example can add functional space for setting items down. 

Trays are also another opportunity to bring in colour and texture.  A woven tray will add a warm, casual feel while a brass tray will add a touch of glam.  

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to keep playing around with everything until it feels right. Have fun and remember it’s just a coffee table!

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